Welcome To ZPX1


Welcome To ZPX 1

Zpx1.com is a social media service which is currently providing Instagram likes. The visitors come from a highly targeted advertising campaign and this website is extremely profitable!

All the work is completely outsourced and completed by the suppliers, no work is required by you.

How it works

1. Customer makes a purchase and you receive instant payments to your PayPal account.

2. You outsource the order to supplier.

3. Supplier complete the order.

4. Order is completed and you made a huge profit!

What is included in this sale?

  • The domainname: Zpx1.com  ( Pagerank 3 ).

  • All the website content.

  • Outsourcer who handles the orders.

  • Marketing plan on how I drive visitors to this site.

Perfect for beginners

This business requires no experience, therefore it is perfect for beginners! All you have to do is answer emails on a daily basis and send the work to the outsourcer. I will also supply you with a step by step guide on how to maximize the revenue and how I was planning to expand this business with other advertising methods.

Revenue & Cost

January 2015: $ 1087

February 2015:: $ 1186

March 2015:: $ 1428

April 2015:: $ 1061

May 2015:: $ 2637

The 2 main costs of this business are an average of $250 - $400 a month on advertising (Pay Per Click) and 20% commission for the outsourcer.

Time requirement

I spend about half an hour every day on this business. This is the minimum required from the new owner. Other than that there isn’t much required on your part. You’ll just be forwarding and responding to couple of emails on daily business. This time is mainly spent on corresponding with clients and outsourcers.

Reason for selling

I am planning to buy a Go Round the World-ticket and am very excited to travel around the world for the next 6 months. Because of this I won’t be able to be online everyday so that is why I am selling my website. And of course the money would greatly help me fund this crazy trip :)

Bidding & Payment

All bidders must know the payment method just through Escrow. To pay by Escrow, all you need is your email and funds available in your Bank Account. Escrow fee will be split.

  1. You accepts the escrow initiation and transfers the funds into escrow.

  2. I'll transfer (push) domain name to you on Godaddy.com (domain name is registered through Godaddy.com so you will need to already have a Godaddy.com account or create a free one).

  3. You confirm the receipt of domain and releases the escrow in full.

  4. Once I confirm that the funds are released I will send you the website content, marketing plan and the outsourcer contact information.

This site is for serious buyers only. Since it's a real opportunity to get a site that will make you real money, it's not a site that should be taken lightly.

If you have any questions send me a PM or leave a comment.

Happy bidding :)